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Spa21 uses sustainable, technology-based treatments that harness natural forces to promote physical and mental wellness.


Though nature has always been a vital part of human health and well-being, we continue to lose our connection with the environment. And as our world rapidly changes, with all the demands of modern life, it’s becoming harder to make healthy lifestyle choices.

A New Kind of Spa


“Spa21 aims to go beyond temporary relaxation by giving you the resources to find sustainable physical and mental wellness.”

While we often feel the need to flee the stresses of modern life, Spa21 aims to go beyond temporary relaxation by giving you the resources to find sustainable mental and physical well-being. Far from being a self-centered pursuit, this search for a deep and meaningful life equips us to take action, help others, and remain serene and resilient when faced with all the challenges of our changing world.
Infrared - Thermal - Relax
Salt Room Experience, Restore

We have designed our modern facilities to face the challenges of the 21st century and operate in harmony with the world around us.


  • Nature as Our Guide

    Spa21 has gathered together a range of wellness practices you need to take control of your path toward well-being. We use a synergy of natural forces--like heat, cold, light, and sound--to help put your well-being goals in reach.

  • City Centers

    We prefer city centers for 4 different and important reasons. First, it's the ecological choice, since people have to travel less. Second, the facility can be accessible to a wider population. Third, it combines the traditional with the modern. Lastly, it's a sustainable economic decision to encourage the collective use of expensive equipment.

We are Temporarily Closed Due to COVID-19

Starting March 21, we’ll be closing down until non-essential businesses are able to reopen.

We hope everyone stays healthy and calm. 🙏